How will COVID-19 related economic restarts impact product marketing for SaaS providers?

Over the balance of 2020, this likely will be the most important question your organization can answer. Get it right, and you’ll be ahead of the curve – profiting rather than reacting. Get it wrong, and you’ll struggle to meet your quarterly and annual revenue targets. As product marketers, you are the person in the organization that must provide guidance and leadership.

No one has a crystal ball to predict the future, but most information isn’t that helpful – it’s either too general to apply to SaaS providers, or it’s so specific that it lacks context. We put our team of analysts on curating actional insights that will help you make better decisions.

Select which areas you want to explore from the table below. Our concise summaries of each piece of data or industry analysis will tell you quickly where you want to dig deeper.

If you still need help, that’s what we do. We can help you craft a specific set of research questions that will drive the highest return in the shortest time.

To begin, select one of the two topics:

Upstream Product Marketing

(Research & Development, Engineering, Front End of Innovation, Roadmap Planning, Market Opportunity Analysis, User Research)

Downstream Product Marketing

(Marketing Communications, Advertising, Public Relations, Digital Marketing / SEO / SEM / Social, Back End of Innovation, Launch Planning & Execution, Customer Service, Customer Loyalty, Measurement & Evaluation, Reputation)

What will be the changing legal frameworks, decisions, and views that we’ll need to keep sight of in order to market our products globally?
What features and functions are other SaaS providers adding to their platforms right now to increase retention and customer satisfaction (and reduce churn/attrition)?
How might changes in company policies or staff reductions at our users’ organizations impact their continued use of our platform?

Upstream and Downstream Decision Support Engine

FirstLight is the SaaS platform of choice for product marketers, R&D, engineering, and product management professionals. It gathers information from thousands of public and private sources (including patent and regulatory databases), synthesizes them into a coherent picture, and delivers those insights into the hands of your stakeholders.

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