What impact might a severe economic downturn have on SaaS platform attrition rates and/or price sensitivity?

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10 Steps To Minimize SaaS Churn Through A Downturn

Source Article: https://www.gainsight.com/blog/10-steps-to-minimize-saas-churn-through-a-downturn/

Aurora WDC Analysis: In an economic downturn, may companies resort to shutting down any new projects that may take up funds that are needed elsewhere. If an SaaS company is a proponent in a new project, that deal may fall through. And during an economic downturn, many companies adjust focus from new sales, to retaining clients that are already familiar with products and may already have an agreement for renewal. It is important to note that during a downturn, most everyone is experiencing hard times, maintaining relationships is key for any business when times get tough. Empathizing with clients helps to do just that and shows that you are with them during times of crisis

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