What will be the changing legal frameworks, decisions, and views that we’ll need to keep sight of in order to market our products globally?

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What Worries the World: 13 of the 27 surveyed nations cited COVID-19 as the top concern

Source Article: https://www.ipsos.com/en/what-worries-world-june-2020

Aurora WDC Analysis: The coronavirus pandemic is still one of the world’s top issues. In a survey 47% of nations surveyed citied the pandemic as a top concern. This is still the highest despite declining from 55% in May. Unemployment is the second biggest concern. These views are important for global marketing because the longer people are concerned, the longer the return to normal may be. Prolonged coronavirus fears will have international businesses marketing their products as such as to not seem tone deaf. An SaaS platform should take the concerns of their clients into consideration when marketing.

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