If a large percentage of workers are “Working from Home (WFH)” over the foreseeable future, how will user expectations of our platform change?/h3>

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84% of businesses will increase remote work after COVID-19, despite security concerns

Source Article: https://www.techrepublic.com/article/84-of-businesses-will-increase-remote-work-after-covid-19-despite-security-concerns/

Aurora WDC Analysis: A new report shows that businesses are very concerned with security. 59% are most concerned with unauthorized user/privilege access on their programs and 44% are most concerned with unpatched systems/vulnerability exploits. Also indicated by the report is that approximately 69% of businesses are still concerned with the security risks that come from working from home, despite 84% of organizations expecting a more permanent remote workforce after the corona virus pandemic. As the lockdowns begin to ease and businesses go back to work, many are still expecting a slow return to the pre pandemic world and as they move forward, are looking to keep the security of their programs up to par.

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