What will be the changing legal frameworks, decisions, and views that we’ll need to keep sight of in order to market our products globally?

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An ANA and Reed Smith Legal Guide – The Impact of COVID-19 on Brand Advertising and Marketing

Source Article: http://www.jointpolicycommittee.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/ANA-Reed-Smith-Legal-Guide-The-Impact-of-COVID19-on-Brand-Advertising-and-Marketing.pdf

Aurora WDC Analysis: The covid pandemic is resulting in increased scrutiny towards advertising, especially on claims surrounding the pandemic. A lot of advertisers are attempting to use appeals to emotion to help relate to consumers affected by these times and the FTC is increasingly concerned with false or predatory claims. Businesses need to be hyper aware of how they word their messages to prevent falling under the scrutiny of these changes. In addition, it is increasingly important to vet the claims of of influencers and endorsers to ensure that they are complying with guidelines.

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