What will be the changing legal frameworks, decisions, and views that we’ll need to keep sight of in order to market our products globally?

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COVID-19 Legal Impact on Brand Advertising and Marketing

Source Article: https://www.reedsmith.com/en/events/2020/03/covid-19-legal-impact-on-brand-advertising-and-marketing

Aurora WDC Analysis: The immediate impacts of covid on the legal framework will surround current contracts and responsibilities impacted by the pandemic. The challenges presented can cause delays or cancellation of work completed and new legal challenges to how current contract work is handled. Going forward, there may be more contractual language surrounding impacts of pandemics or other work from home requirements on each job to prevent these issues. Other impacts presented aside from contracts are media, partnerships, production, intellectual property and more. Each of these need to be addressed by marketing and legal teams in order to ensure that they are set up for success within this new climate.

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