What features and functions are other SaaS providers adding to their platforms right now to increase retention and customer satisfaction (and reduce churn/attrition)?

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Vertical SaaS: What Is It & How Is It Different?

Source Article: https://bowerycap.com/blog/insights/vertical-saas-what-is-it-how-is-it-different/

Aurora WDC Analysis: Vertical SaaS is a growing trend in the SaaS market. Whereas a horizontal SaaS will work across multiple industries, a vertical platform will specialize in one specific industry. This specialization allows providers to be of a better service to their clients with industry specific knowledge and data. Tailored software will likely increase a provider’s market share in that one industry and open the door for upselling opportunities. Specialization in one industry may also lead to a more homogenous client base as many competing firms, through copycat buying, will seek software to stay competitive.

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