Aurora WDC Brand Standards



Welcome to the Aurora WDC Brand Style Guide, where you will find information on each of our four brands: Aurora WDC, Aurora GPS, FirstLight, and RECONVERGE.

What is a brand? A brand is not a logo, a name or a color. A brand is a story, created by cultivating a shared set of emotions about our services, products and people. Over time, those emotions deepen and the brand strengthens. Our job is to tell that story visually as clearly and consistently as possible.

The consistent application of each brand across all media ensures we maintain and build a powerful brand presence over time and tell our story more effectively. To that end, we have provided detailed guidelines for the use of visual materials. We also have provided downloadable electronic files of each brand family. If you download those files, adherence to the guidelines contained here is mandatory.

However, we cannot anticipate every possible application you may have. If you do not see applicable guidelines contained within the pages on this section of our website, please contact us:

Jason Voiovich
Chief Marketing Officer
Aurora WDC
jason.voiovich (at) AuroraWDC (dot) com

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