Aurora WDC Brand Standards

Acceptable Uses


The examples of acceptable uses of the Aurora WDC family of logos is meant as a guideline, not a set rule. For example, a blue “water” background may provide acceptable contrast for the Aurora WDC logo, but not for the FirstLight logo. However, these examples should provide significant flexibility in the application of the entire brand family.

Color logo on a white background

Color logo on a light silver background

Color logo on a silver faceted background

White logo on colored, faceted background

Color logo on a faceted background overlaying an image

White logo on a dark color background

Black logo on a light color background

White logo on a textured background

Prohibited Uses


It is easy for “unauthorized” uses of the logo to appear and propagate. Again, this list of prohibited uses is meant as a guide, not a set rule. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Rotating the symbol

Using the logotype by itself

Repositioning or resizing the symbol relative to the logotype

Distorting the logo

Using offensive drop shadows

Placing logo on a background that compromises legibility

Interchanging logo formats

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