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Making Business Leaders Teachable – Theme of the Day for RECONVERGE:G2 Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Why is it so hard for business leaders to admit they know less than they thought they did about their circumstances and must instead come to grips with the facts in order to confront reality? Before we can answer that question we must first ask, why is it that we expect CEOs and others in the executive leadership suite to have all the best answers instead of asking all the best questions?

Introducing our RECONVERGE:G2 2018 Co-Chairs: Bridget Wegener and Richard Caldwell

I am humbled and honored to have two people I deeply respect join us on this journey of discovery. We have not chosen an easy path with RECONVERGE:G2 2018. And confronting the elephant in the room – the risk to our core values – is not for the faint of heart. But with Bridget and Rich leading us, I am confident we will succeed. Together.

Values Disruption: How Intelligence Analysts Make Business Leaders More Teachable and Awaken Cultures of Humility

Only the most forward-thinking software engineers and data scientists claim to understand the multiplying variety of disruptive digital technologies and trends invading our organizations. Even worse, the business leaders deciding how to deflect, adopt or simply question the impacts of these disruptors on their strategies and stakeholders are handicapped by biases of superiority, optimism and illusions of control. As analysts, the confusion we feel when assessing the potential impacts of these trends on the companies we serve is frustrating and demoralizing. Why can’t leaders admit we know less than we think we do?

FirstLight: The Reconnaissance Engine

Business leaders today have no choice to put technology to work to drive growth, innovation and strategy. Those who don’t won’t be leaders of anything for long.

Aurora GPS: Our Bold New Brand

Strategy. Innovation. Growth. These priorities used to be simple goals to understand and, sometimes, even simple to achieve. That simple world no longer exists.

The New Aurora WDC

Much has changed in the 22 years since I set out to build what would become Aurora WDC. We no longer think of strategy as a strict assembly of analytical methods applied to business problems. We no longer consider technology optional to achieving the mission of driving growth and innovation. And we no longer feel like we must achieve business success alone.