Global Research & Analysis
Operating continuously around the world, Aurora’s team of seasoned intelligence staff, comprised of engagement directors, project managers, and field collection specialists, work in more than 100 countries to answer the most important questions driving your business.
Intelligence Systems & Technology
Integrating with established IT operational protocols, Aurora’s focus on an efficient combination of technology systems and professional services are driven by a scope designed together with your team to ensure scale as your abilities to serve the company grow.
Professional & Program Development
Focused on aligning diagnostics of a client's business problems with the best analytic methods proven to address them, Aurora's Professional & Program Development team teach client staff and Aurora team alike how to work together as a cohesive unit.

Intelligence Leadership Since 1995

Aurora WDC specializes in providing global human intelligence (HUMINT) field collection and analysis for the world's most respected organizations. We consult on intelligence systems, technology, professional and program development, providing training, integration and advice on strategic, market and competitive intelligence best practices. Contact us today to be put in touch with a reference client that can describe the results we produce for them.