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“I am fascinated by the idea of how to build trust and safe spaces in the online world,” says Todd Nilson. Growing up, Todd was never interested in playing sports. Instead, he found himself enamored with both tabletop games and immersive online games. As president and community strategist at Clocktower Advisors, Todd combines his passions for gamification and community-building by helping companies create and run digital workplaces that deepen trust, increase loyalty, and promote innovation. 

In a continuously advancing world, more and more people are connecting online through various social media platforms. While these platforms successfully spread information, they lack the feeling of an authentic community.  According to Todd, creating a safe space online is dependent on transparency, good management practices, and a community with common interests. If properly executed, online immersive communities have the potential to change the way we interact in every aspect of our lives. 

Join the Johnson Brothers on this week’s episode of Running Into the Fog for a conversation with Todd Nilson. Learn more about the differences between social media and online communities, the importance of positive engagement, and where experts like Todd believe the future of online interactions is headed. 



• “I’m fascinated by the idea of how to build trust and safe spaces in the online world where people can meaningfully get together and connect and do things with each other when geography makes it impossible.” (08:31-08:49)

• “I don’t think of social media platforms as communities.” (14:58-15:00)

• “What makes online communities work is that there are clear boundaries of who belongs here and who doesn’t.” (26:44-26:49)

• “I think that we’re going to see a strong migration away from some of the large platforms to more of these private community social experiences simply because we want to be around people that we can trust.” (27:27-27:52)

• “What I’m loving about NFTs is that they’re offering something that is a unique marker of accomplishment, recognizing participation, and then offering equity in that community.” (37:23-37:40)

• “We’re not only building communities of people who have common values with each other, but they’re also geographically close to each other.” (42:22-42:28)

• “These online spaces are play spaces where we can experiment with identities.” (48:45-48:54)



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