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Marshall Wayne, “The Mounting Man,” has spent most of his career marketing live events for successful entrepreneurs. When the pandemic hit and live, in-person events were temporarily shut down, Marshall had to think outside of the box for ways to replace his lost revenue. Marshall realized that he could make more than enough money to support his family by helping people in his community mount their TVs. Using his expertise in marketing, Marshall has grown his business to fully replace his income at the agency in just a little over a year. 

When Marshall was brainstorming business ideas, it was important for him to have a flexible schedule. With the pandemic in full force and daycare slots being limited, Marshall had to be home to help his fiance take care of their daughter. This is when Marshall learned how to mount his own TV and quickly understood that he could make great money in a short amount of time. While he wants to stick primarily to mounting TVs, Marshall realizes there are other opportunities to make money helping people around their homes. Even though Marshall has encountered many challenges with TV mounting, he has always found a way to get the job done.

Join the Johnson Brothers and Marshall Wayne on this week’s episode of Running Into the Fog to hear how The Mounting Man came to be. Learn more about the issues that Marshall has encountered in his first year of business, his plans to expand, and how he utilized his skills to pivot his career in a completely different direction. 


  •  “If you’re good at marketing, you can market anything.” (03:35-03:37)
  • “All the things that I market for the agency are live events, and so during COVID that just went to zero. The revenue didn’t go to zero, but it went to like a quarter and that’s essentially zero.” (05:35-05:49)
  • “Mounting TVs is what made the most money for the least amount of time.”(06:32-06:35)
  • “I am a lot pickier about what I take on for the agency because I can just go make another $1,000 today mounting TVs.” (18:34-18:40)
  • “I don’t expect somebody to treat my business the way I would treat it because I’m making the money. It’s my baby. But you have to have some sort of level for your employees to reach.” (32:24-32:35)
  • “I want to stick to TV mountain primarily, but I want all the other upsells that I could have. Because once a person has two or three TVs mounted in their house, they’re not going to have 10 TVs so I don’t have repeat business from the same people unless I branch out a little bit.” (40:40-41:02)



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