Marie Mansheim

“Clearing out the fog is about using facts,” says Marie Mansheim, truth-teller and manufacturing consultant who works with companies across industries (and the globe) to find the best practices for their business. In this episode of Running into the Fog, the Jo Bros are talking with Marie about the power of data to guide decision-making, and how she has supported her clients during Covid as they navigate the see-saw of loss and sales that is plaguing the manufacturing world right now. 

For Marie, being successful is about looking at competitive intelligence data and laying out all the options in a way that is not only unbiased, but stretches beyond the conventions of the industry. She encourages clients to look at best practices across industries — because why would we not want to bring in those fresh ideas? She helps manufacturers look at everything from security to automation to company culture, with a focus on smart decision-making that doesn’t keep your company stuck in the weeds. 

Tune in this week for a practical guide on how to make smart change, even in an uncertain world. You’ll hear about analysis paralysis, FOMO, and so much more in this episode of Running into the Fog. 



32:30 – “People get hemmed into ‘This is where I have to go because I’ve always done it that way.’ You have to say ‘Other options are available to you. You may not choose them, but they’re available.’ So, really helping them figure out …. what they are willing to invest in, what they aren’t willing to invest in, and where they want to go as a business owner, too.” (32:07-32:38)

34:56 – “Clearing out the fog is about using facts.” (34:57-35:00)



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