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In a world with easy access to others, there is a lack of human connection. And while everyone is a neighbor to someone, most people aren’t neighboring. In today’s episode, married duo Jeff and Amy Meyer sit down with the Johnson Brothers to discuss how to overcome isolation and find a connection with those around you. 

In a digital and oftentimes material world, it can be easy to lose sight of what really matters. While we spend a lot of our time working and doing activities we enjoy, the places we inhabit are meant for us to relate with other human beings. According to the Meyer’s, one of the easiest and most meaningful gifts we can give to someone else is knowing their name. Just by taking the time to learn someone’s name, we allow ourselves to slow down, see others as human, and begin to form a connection with something greater than ourselves. 

Join the Johnson Brothers and the Meyers for an in-depth conversation about human connection. Learn more about the importance of journaling, active listening, and what it truly means to be a neighbor so you can create sustainable and lasting relationships with the people around you. 



• “A lot of people don’t believe they can turn their passion into a life and make a living out of it, and we’re helping people do that.” (04:31-04:39 | Jeff)

• “Just having more information doesn’t produce fruit unless you put it into practice.” (06:10-06:17 | Jeff)

• “We forget how far we’ve come and we forget what hard things we’ve been in before. We get very short-sighted and unless you write it down, you’re going to forget.” (13:04-13:20 | Amy)

• “The core problem is isolation and lack of human connection. The biggest way that we can attack this problem is by turning neighbor from a noun into a verb.” (19:33-19:51 | Jeff)

• “The sweetest word to anyone’s ears is the sound of their own name. And to be known and called by name is a gift that we can give to people, but we don’t know their name unless we ask or if we take the time to slow down and appreciate them.” (23:24-23:37 | Amy)

• “The places we inhabit, we’re there for a reason. And it’s not just to live or to enjoy our time or to make a living. It’s to interconnect with other human beings.” (25:18-25:28 | Jeff)

• “Once you start taking steps into the fog, you can see it opening up.” (50:42-50:46 | Jeff)



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