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“The reason you work in a drug company is for patients,” says Clifford Kalb, President of C. Kalb & Associates, LLC. Cliff has dedicated the last four decades of his life to improving intelligence in the pharmaceutical industry. His wide range of experience has given him opportunities to work at the executive level for many of the well-known pharma companies, including Pfizer. Cliff’s passion for innovation and leadership in the industry was solidified after his life was saved by a drug he helped get on the market. Today, Cliff proudly owns and operates his own pharma consultancy where he assists clients in ethically overcoming industry issues to provide better health solutions.
Eleven years ago, Cliff was diagnosed with an incredibly rare back disease. In fact, he was one of only twenty people to receive this diagnosis during the 21st century. While Cliff’s initial chance of survival looked bleak, he and his doctor decided to take a risk and try a drug that was new to the market. Ultimately, it was Cliff’s trust in his product’s mission that granted him a second chance at life. Even though there are many misconceptions about the morals of the industry, Cliff explains that the number one goal isn’t to create a profit, but rather to develop solutions that save lives.
Join the Johnson Brothers and Cliff Kalb on this week’s episode of Running into the Fog to hear about Cliff’s experience with the pharmaceutical industry from the perspective of a leader (both intelligence consumer and intelligence producer) and as a patient. Learn more about Key Intelligence Topics and how intelligence is working to create a safer and healthier world for generations to come.



• “The reason you work in a drug company is for patients. It’s not all about making money. It’s not all about ultimately coming up with the best dosage form or the most competitive marketing plan or the most developed R&D program. It’s about helping people to either return from an illness or to prevent them from getting one.” (07:56-08:19)

• “I wouldn’t be here telling you about the pharmaceutical industry and my travels through it if it wasn’t for this medicine, which saved my life.”  (09:06-09:18)

• “Because of this mRNA technology that you’ve heard about, which has never been tried before to produce a vaccine, many steps in vaccine development are completely eliminated. Which means the future of vaccine development is going to now follow the mRNA pattern. And the old technology will be dropped.” (29:02-29:23)

• “85% of the US market is treated with generic drugs and 15% of it is treated with branded drugs.”(47:45-47:52).

• “At the end of the day, the marketing R&D interface inside the drug company is probably the single most important one to work.” (56:56-57:04)


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