“Every human being is made on purpose and for a purpose. Seek it,” says Bill Baker, Board Member and Vice President of Sauk Prairie Food Pantry and Youth Mentor. While studying at the University of Madison, Bill found his way to the crew team, a sport he credits for giving him the discipline to succeed in the business world. Now a youth mentor, Bill teaches his mentees to find their purpose and build the foundation for the rest of their lives.

Due to his lucrative career in sales and entrepreneurship, Bill realizes that human beings are led by two emotions: hope and fear. He also understands that you can help others find their purpose by using those two emotions positively. Ultimately, Bill wants young people to accept that self-worth comes from within, and by following your path, you can live a happy and fulfilling life.

Tune into this week’s episode of Running Into the Fog for an inspiring conversation about seeking your purpose. Learn more about how rowing influenced Bill’s worldview, the difference between activity and productivity, and why you need to take care of yourself first to be a better person to others.


• “You have to go past your limits and find out what more you have inside you.” (11:30 – 11:36)

• “Find your purpose. Every human being is made on purpose and for a purpose. Seek it.” (20:10 – 20:18) 

• “You can’t motivate people. You have to inspire people. Motivation is an internal emotion, while inspiration is an external emotion. And we need to inspire more people.” (25:36 – 25:46)

• “The two emotions people have in life are hope and fear. I’ve concluded that people make decisions based on those two emotions. And you can use those as positive emotions to help people navigate their purpose.” (26:45 – 27:01)

• “You have to run through the fog of life to find your clear path. And in doing so, you’re a better contributor, and you’ll find greater satisfaction and contentment in life.” (36:15 – 36:32)




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