As a natural entrepreneurial leader, Angie Tulgus spent most of her career helping large corporations like GMC successfully navigate transformative moments. After many years of service, Angie decided to leave the corporate world and pursue her own dreams. Angie has since authored the book TransformAble and started her own business, where she uses her expertise to help small start-ups grow and scale their businesses. 

According to Angie, to successfully transform your business you need to focus on its people. Not only do you want to get your employees excited about the future, but they need to adopt your vision for the future. The best way to get your employees on track is to focus on developing your leadership skills. If you are fully committed to your core values and the plan to change, your employees will also commit and in return, you are more likely to succeed in any project now and in the future. 

Join the Johnson Brothers on this week’s episode of Running Into the Fog for an in-depth conversation about what it truly takes to transform your business. Learn more about the importance of leadership, commitment, and creating value so you can successfully take your business to the next level. 


• “During all these different transformative programs,  I realized there was a pattern to what I was doing that was making me successful and I really just want to get that out.” (09:32-09:43)

• “It doesn’t really matter what size of company you are if you’re facing something big and complex that you’ve never done before, my book provides a roadmap for you to help figure out how to do that.” (10:44-10:52)

• “The core of successful transformation is all about people. It’s about a system of people and how to take them on a journey to get to somewhere new that they haven’t been before.” (11:49-12:00)

• “If the leaders of the company aren’t serious about transformation, forget it.” (25:09-25:12)

• “It’s amazing to me in small companies how quickly people get used to the way they’ve always done it. It really does not take long. And this is a big point that holds people back.” (30:03-30:16)

• “At the core of successful transformation, there are really three important things. One is commitment. One is knowing how to transform. And the third is keeping a focus on business value. If you can get those three things, you can pull it together.” (35:37-36:00)

• “If whatever you’re doing isn’t going to get you the business value anymore, then you’re way off track no matter what.” (36:53-36:58) 





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