Carl Derenfeld

Carl DerenfeldCarl Derenfeld

Director – Integrative Intelligence

Carl B. Derenfeld, MBA, MSW, is Director of Integrative Intelligence at Aurora WDC, responsible for global client engagement and multiple-location integration. Over the past 35 years, beginning in clinical practice with court remanded youth, Carl has pursued his passion to marry the clinical and psychosocial aspects of care into holistic patient management systems. Within the commercial segment, Carl has held increasingly senior level positions within biotech, pharmaceutical, medical products and device companies, as well as professional service and regulatory firms in competitive intelligence, big data mining, online community communication bridges, clinical research organization, patient recruitment/retention, regulatory/reference standards, marketing/advertising and consulting. Carl earned his MBA from the JL Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University and an MSW from the Wurzweiler School, Yeshiva University.

Phone: +01 (847) 790-6043

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Carl is regarded as a renaissance professional with a demonstrated knack for marrying historical perspectives with a strong forward sense of predictive vision. Whether launching or defending business assets, his hybrid experience integrates his knowledge of high impact therapeutic areas, market/channel segments, and emerging therapy delivery methods. His ability to connect information and deploy analytical techniques facilitates evidence-enabled decision making, bringing a clear focus to asset maximization, lifecycle management, and resource allocation, enabling clients to address high-priority challenges and opportunities. Carl has become a respected speaker and subject matter expert in industry journals and periodicals.